Wordle Just Announced Rule Changes What You Need To Know in 2023


Wordle receives a big update and its first editor.

For the first time, since the New York Times repurchased Wordle in January 2022, big regulation changes are being made.

Wordle just announced rule changes what you need to know in 2022. The New York Times(opens in new tab) said in a blog post that there would be modifications to the rules of the popular word game, as was first reported by Polygon(opens in new tab).  These updates will have an impact on the set of acceptable guesses as well as the pool of possible solutions. The Times also confirmed the appointment of its first entire Wordle editor, who will be responsible for the charge of these changes.

What updates are coming to Wordle?

Wordle just announced rule changes — what you need to know
(Image credit: Alan Martin)

The responsibility of editing the word list and testing Wordle is going to be performed by Tracy Bennet, a former associate puzzle editor for the New York Times. First, there won’t be any more words in the plural. There won’t be any choices that are plural words ending in “es” or “s,” at the very least. There will always be potential alternatives in plural worlds such as “Geese” or “Fungi”. These plural words are still great options for deleting letters, though.

The Times also stated that they will now be curating the list of proposed solutions, which is another major development. The Times will edit this list to make sure the game is “fun, accessible, dynamic, and varied,” but the solutions will still come from the same fundamental vocabulary of words. 

However, the list of plausible solutions will be far shorter than the dictionary of English terms that are valid predictions, which will be uncurated. So be cautious while making assumptions and be sure to read our tutorial on how to figure out the Wordle solution for the day. We also have tutorials on how to play Wordle, including information on the greatest Wordle start words.

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